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Announcing State Senate Candidacy

Community first is Savio Pham’s motto. Dr. Pham, a lifelong community volunteer and organizer, filed for candidacy for WA State Senate of Legislative District 38 on May 18th. What motivated Dr. Pham, a man who rather live out his love for the community as a quiet and steady supporter through his jobs, to take on a more public role was the heartfelt requests from friends and supporters from the Legislative District 38 who wanted change in the area.

Dr. Pham, well-respected for his many initiatives to increase the visibility and well-being of marginalized community, felt it was the right time to give back at a more macro level as a State Senator. His candidacy announcement to his friends and supporters were received with enthusiasm and appreciation. Sharing with the group at his first formal public announcement, Dr. Savio said his decision to run for the public office is the next step in his life calling to serve others. "I have long been pursuing a quiet life. But when the community asked me to represent them, I believe it's my time to pay back for all the greatness I have received," he explained.

Dr. Andy Chiem reflects the thoughts of many when he expressed, “It's time for us, the everyday person, to have a voice in a public office.”

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